A taste of some of Our Flavors

Lemon & White Chocolate

Toasted Almond  

Thai Tea


Strawberry Orange Blossom  

Strawberry Balsamic  


Red Velvet  


Chocolate Mint  

Triple Chocolate  


Passion Fruit  


Earl Grey  

Milk Chocolate

Cookie Butter

Black Currant


Cookies & Cream

Vanilla Bean

Sprinkles Vanilla


In our kitchen, we take pride in working with the best ingredients possible to create high quality macarons. We are always looking to create new varieties to excite your palate.

All batches of macarons are hand-made and filled with either our creamy chocolate ganaches or melt-in-mouth buttercream. The macarons are aged to achieve their full-bodied flavor and the ideal consistency of a crisp delicate exterior with a slightly chewy interior. 

From classic French flavors to exciting fusions we have an array of macarons ( and confections! ) for everyone's sweet-tooth cravings.